Respected parents and dear students. A warm welcome to all of you.

In our world popular saying that there is no shortcut to success, success cannot be attained overnight, you have to work hard with morality and composure. Gurukripa Defence Academy, following the path of meticulous penance, chose the path of "Success through Discipline". It has accepted the dual responsibility of giving good education and values ​​to the children in a healthy environment like a family. Moving forward with its vision, commitment, passion and hardwork, Gurukripa Defence Academy has given a new identity to the institute over the years.

we promise a job to every student who joins our academy for his career. Our Aim is,every student should get a job. Success comes when you know what you want or desire. The starting point, then is to know what you want in life.Let your ambition surface. Never mind and never fear. What appeared impossible today will become a reality tomorrow, with your determination, dedication and application. The Man Who Wins Is The Man Who Thinks He Can . Gurukripa Defence Academy Leads you on the road to success.

Dear students and parents, you have unwavering faith in us and our hard work will pay off like every time, which will take our students to the pinnacle of success that they have always dreamed of, it has always been our endeavor that We cherish the hard work of our students and our students in the path of success so that the hard work of us and our students never goes in vain and success kisses the steps of our students in time.We create a safe & comfortable environment for all our students & focus on learning rather than teaching. We develop all the good qualities in the student so that they can become a good person in their life no matter in which field goes further. The environment of the campus is decent & everyone over here has respect & integrity towards each other. We motivate the students to always look ahead & never to develop any negative feelings in them. Teachers at our center are highly experienced & always teach students in a friendly manner so as to make students comfortable at every stage. We develop leadership qualities in our students so that they can face every upcoming challenge of the defence field easily.

Hansraj Jakhar